Since 2007 GSS has provided innovative survey solutions to the global research community. With access to over 6 million households in over 75 countries we are experts in facilitating the acquisition of niche sample. With an international client roster that includes leading market research companies and major corporate accounts (AOL, Microsoft, HP, Intel) we offer convenient, timely, accurate and economical methods of reaching targeted consumers and business respondents. Having successfully executed thousands of research projects we have an abundance of experience in domestic and international online research. We are second to none in the areas of online data collection, international research, panel management and feasibility estimation.

Our Services:

Access To Your Specific Target -

We utilize qualified, targeted online panelists to achieve the results you need. We're able to reach unique panelists within any demographic across 75+ countries in various regions throughout the world including North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, the UAE and Middle East, Scandinavia, Africa and Asia Pacific.

A One Stop shop -

No need to farm out your international study to various sample suppliers. GSSI provides a one stop solutions to all your online survey needs. GSSI will ensure that your projects run smoothly and efficiently, from start to finish. Moreover our support teams are available 24/7 to service your needs.

Unprecedented Delivery Speed -

No one can have your survey up and running faster than GSSI. Technology drives our success and we are capable of moving at light speed. Our project managers cater specifically to your needs and can have you in field within an hour of approving your project. That’s right, in one hour we can have sample queued to reach the respondents you need…..and we can generally have you out of field within 3-4 days depending upon your quota requirements. Quality sample, at an affordable price and fast delivery. That is the GSSI advantage.

The GSSI Cost Advantage -

GSSI is a boutique research supplier servicing the global research community. Our low overhead, dedicated team of experts and local alliances allow us to be ultra competitive while maintaining quality control throughout the entire process. We are one of the few remaining global research suppliers that still DO NOT charge a minimum fee.

GSSI - Your Gateway To China -

We operate the oldest, largest and most carefully managed online database in China. Our home grown panel in China has been developed over the past decade and is comprised of over 1.2 million panelists who have been recruited via our social networking portal ( Our respondents are committed to us and are eager to take online surveys. We utilize numerous quality control checkpoints to ensure the authenticity of our panelists and we boast the most reliable online data in and outside of China.

Interactive Research Solutions:

GSS Insight is the #1 provider for a total interactive research solutions package in China. We integrate the largest online panel, the most powerful research applications and the leading interactive research service in China. Global research professionals and business corporations seeking to easily and quickly conduct research in China need only explore our services to discover how truly powerful our applications are.

Survey Design Software and a Social Networking Environment:

Market researchers are in the business of asking people for their opinions. Yet we know for a fact that respondents find surveys boring and uninteresting. Online surveys can be long, repetitive and painful to complete. Is it any wonder that some respondents try to get through the survey as quickly as possible? Can we chastise people for entering garbage on surveys that are poorly designed?

GSS Insight works with its clients to develop surveys that are engaging to the respondent. Our development team in China utilizes Graphical User Interface software to enhance survey interaction and design in order to render surveys fun and interesting. We’ve borrowed concepts from the Gaming industry and applied to it to our online surveys in China. We believe that an engaged panelist who feels his opinions are valued will more openly and honestly share those opinions. Extracting honest opinions is what we’re all about.


GSS Insight quickly and efficiently launched and executed our study when we were behind schedule. Within 3-4 days quota buckets were full, the study closed and the data checked out. We now rely on them regularly for all of our online research needs.

Clyde Johnson,

(Access Nursing Services)

GSSI guided us how best to advise our client on fielding a low incidence international project and we won a huge contract as a result. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their keen insight and experience in market research.

Mark Wimmers,

(AMS Premium)